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Welcome to lula cup. Your journey to easy convenient periods starts here!

Menstrual Cup


Lula cup started in 2020 when the global pandemic caused many job losses and we were forced to find an alternative source of income.

How did we come up with the name?

Lula is a Zulu word that means easy and convenient. We also wanted to stay true to our South African roots; and our purpose to make periods easy and convenient.

We were always passionate about menstrual cups; as we had experienced the benefit ourselves and we knew we wanted to allow as many woman as possible the benefit of using the cup.

We had 3 main reasons for starting Lula cup:

1 - Affordability

We wanted to make sure that woman could save money on feminine products. Pink tax is real and completely unfair. The cost of 1 Lula Cup is about the same as 5 packets of pads. The difference is that Lula Cup can be reused for up to 7 years (if looked after properly), so no more spending money every month on expensive necessary products. There is a more affordable option.

2 - Sustainability

We are passionate about our environment; and the amount of waste that gets put onto the earth. Lula Cup means less waste being thrown away. It's also why we don't use a fancy box to package our cup; and why all our printing is done on 100% recycled paper.

3 - Giving back

We hated hearing about young school girls having to miss a week of school because they were on their period; and could not afford pads or tampons. We will be donating 1 cup to an under-privileged girl, for every 10 cups sold.  We eventually hope to be able to donate 1 cup for every 1 cup purchased.  Girls already have disadvantages and stereotypes against them; and a lack of education does not help. We make sure that girls can stay in school and get the education they deserve.  Your purchase will not only make Your life easier, but a young girl will also feel the benefit.  




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