What Our Customers Say

I was a pad user all my life as tampons caused me so much pain and muscle spasms. The first few times with a cup, I struggled to get it in and out but now, its soo easy! The cup fits my life so much better and no more muscles spasms.

Megan Clark

So I was a staunch tampon user and absolutey hated pads...... But, found that tampons still made me feel "unclean". That string that hung out of me just freaked me out and all I could think of was GERMS!! (should probably confess that i am completely OCD when it comes to hygiene issues!!). So I would absolutely dread "that time of the month" .....
I cant believe I didnt know about the Menstrual Cup sooner! Best thing I ever did was to convert to the Cup. Talk about easy!! You can wear it (flow dependent) for up to 12hrs at a time. Perfect for me....I pop it in during my morning shower and remove and clean/reinsert during my evening shower. Hygiene issues sorted ;).
I also love that I am contributing to a clean healthier earth...No more nasty period product wastage :)
Try a Lula Cup and You will never look back.

Leanne Moore

So easy to clean. There's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to correct and secure insertion, but after a few days I got the hang of it. There was no fear of leaking, or having to change it often. Literally amazing, never going back to regular, wasteful period products.

Alex Michaels